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Managed Services

Agile and flexible technology services that deliver business outcomes aligned to the goals of your organization

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Fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and growth starts with a solid IT foundation designed for speed and agility. We combine deep experience, leading talent and unparalleled technology with a global delivery model that supports your business wherever, whenever you are, so you can be confident and free to drive your business forward.

Key Service Offerings that provides fast ROI

IT infrastructure analysis

Analyzing IT infrastructure state and glitches and providing recommendations across the full Infrastructure spectrum.

Cloud optimization

Optimizing cloud resource consumption to reduce cloud costs, while adhering to security and compliance guidelines.

Cloud migration

Application and data warehouse migration to cloud enabling businesses to scale elastically.

Staff Augmentation

Ease the unwanted headache and pressure to hire and maintain good technical staff in-house.

Disaster Recovery

Take quick & precise action against hardware, software, infrastructure failures & human errors.


AMerge development and operations, enabling continuous delivery and transparent cross-functionality of the enterprise teams.

Benefits of our managed services

Client Success Stories

Reduced data
Reduced data lead and refresh time from 25 mins to a mere 22 secs for a Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Component Manufacturer

The manufacturer was struggling with lower analytics adoption due to slow and in-accurate reporting. Read how we helped them salvage the situation and re-ignite their faith in Qlik


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