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Workforce Planning Management

Workforce planning management

Drive better decision making, elevate your impact, and ensure business and people strategies stay in sync.

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A new era of workforce transformation—accelerated by the pandemic—is upon us. Where we work, how we work, and what we expect from work are in flux. This dynamics presents human resources leaders and strategic workforce planners with an unparalleled opportunity to boost workforce agility and resilience, drive change, mitigate human capital risks, and position their organizations for long-term success. To support these efforts, Polestar Solutions and Anaplan are teaming up to bring human resources, people analytics, finance, business knowledge, and technology expertise to the table, to ensure your stakeholders get what they need


Empowering HR to deliver workforce agility

Use workforce planning to identify talent gaps, model “what-if” scenarios, and assess financial impact to optimize your workforce, manage risk, and drive results.

Refine your talent strategy to hone your work culture and experience, close skill gaps and keep pace with change.

Leverage compensation modeling and planning to underpin talent acquisition and retention with equity and drive performance.

Our Workforce Planning Roadmap

Collate disparate data sets together in a shared platform to boost transparency and accelerate decision-making.

Assess numerous location strategies for your business, including potential impacts on geo-based pay

Guide stakeholders via proven process for connecting business objectives to strategic workforce planning outcomes

Test and Build multiple workforce planning scenarios leveraging a single source of truth for modeling

Mitigate looming human capital risks by addressing and identifying current and future mission-critical talent and skills gaps

Optimize long and short term people investments based on business performance and goals

Why Polestar Solutions?

Key Benefits

Provide transparency into skills, headcount, and capabilities, and workforce costs across your entire organization.

Bring agility to pivoting and developing workforce plans and stay in lockstep with your business needs.

Design forward looking talent strategies that are aligned to the business objectives and budget.

Offers your management teams and talent acquisition and with early insight into the timing and budget for roles and skills in demand.

Our Solutions Portfolio

01 Headcount Planning
  • Model and Plan headcount against financial budget and growth projections.
  • Roll up companies for bottom-up planning or cascade down the organization for a top-down scenario.
  • Incorporate attrition, hiring, role ramp-up time, and team role ratio assumptions and all costs.
  • Determine hiring plans and new positions or requisitions based on the approved new headcount plan.
  • Continuously measure, align and adjust to stay aligned with business and financial plans.
02 Strategic workforce planning
  • Plan your long-term crucial workforce based on business initiatives and strategies.
  • Based on business drivers calculate workforce demand.
  • Forecast your workforce supply utilizing assumptions for mobility, hiring, and turnover.
  • Know the talent gaps and evaluate numerous scenarios to close them.
  • Design programs and HR strategies to support your long-term decisions regarding talent supply, skill development, and location strategy.
03 Location planning
  • Optimize your location plans and strategy for employees aligned with the organization's objectives and needs.
  • Incorporate third-party data on costs and talent availability.
  • Simulate scenarios of in-office work, remote work, or a hybrid-approach.
  • Examine and estimate costs including travel of remote workers and facilities under different scenarios.
  • Track employee decisions and trends over time by country or region.
04 Workforce capacity planning
  • Determine workforce capacity across teams and roles.
  • Assess impact to overtime costs and productivity and by modeling capacity against workload to identify gaps.
  • Calculate workload typically based on demand drivers from the business.
  • Simulate headcount absences and changes, and evaluate the potential impact from M&A or organizational realignments and restructuring.

Client Success Stories

Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan
Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan

The delivered Anaplan Solution helps the decision-makers to run multiple scenarios and opt for what's best for the business. Tasks like fluctuations across prices, customer mix, workers compensation, fuel costs, etc could be done by changing the values & drivers. All of it can be done within a single platform.

  • 100%

    Elimination of redundant processes and manual errors

  • (T-1)

    Variance reporting achieved with Anaplan

  • 80%

    Reduction in time taken for financial consolidation

Optimized and Setup Anaplan Managed Support Services for a Global Consumer Durables Brand
Optimized and Setup Anaplan Managed Support Services for a Global Consumer Durables Brand

We optimized the existing S&OP practices to unlock a 20% improvement in forecasting accuracy and a whopping 40% reduction of the operational cost. We set up a mechanism for 8X7 Weekend support for the senior management while they access reports on weekends.

  • 20%

    Boost in model accuracy, revolutionizing top-level aggregated forecasts

  • 40%

    Cost reduction leading to efficient S&OP practices

  • 15-20%

    Optimized inventory levels leading to lesser obselet inventory


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