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It's (finally?) New year!! It's time for the New Year- New Me and Resolution trends. And for all those who have taken a resolution, is it broken yet? If not, you can do anything! If yes, let's try it again next month!! With this roundup let's take a trip back to all the key moments of the last month!!
Key Highlights
In this chat, Mr. Siddharth Poddar who has 20 years of experience in the procurement space, talks about cycle time, savings, price compliance, strategy and more.
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The total size of data held by the top companies of NASDAQ is more than one million terabytes, think about the total information that would be held by all companies, think about your data! Are you leveraging to the full extent? Know what is new and what can be done with your data this year.
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Inflation in Retail industry: How to soften impact
With the rising and re-rising of inflation in Retail resulting in low customer loyalty, increased fees, decreasing margins...
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Inventory Analytics: For driving futuristic business operations
Today's inventory management goes beyond ensuring accurate inventory and automating processes to holding...
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Infographic of the week
Pillars of Data Monetization
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Ebook of the month
The key to a successful Master Data Management (MDM) initiative isn't technology or methods: it's the people. Know more about the
  • Architectural frameworks
  • Benefits of MDM
  • Use cases data implementation
  • Characteristics of MDM
Know how to plan your MDM here
Protip: If you're unsure about your data or analytics implementation needs, get a data discovery workshop to analyze your requirements better!
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