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Key Highlights
Catch Mohana Bhrugubanda, Senior Vice-President, Head of North America Business, Polestar Solutions & Services sharing a peek into how data analytics is changing the game for the Insurance Industry.
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How can companies avoid common pitfalls and misalignments with their overall business strategy and objectives? Understand why your data is a goldmine with Saurabh Singh, Senior Vice President & Head CPG Solutions, Polestar Solutions
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Decoding FIFA World Cup Qatar - 2022 Through AI And Analytics
The evolution of cutting-edge technologies has replaced the legacy chalkboards with touchscreens, evolving the game of football...
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Procurement Analytics 101: Beginner's Guide 2023
Take that first step by understanding what Procurement Analytics is, what value it provides, and some use cases for analytics in procurement...
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What is Data Analytics?
Ankit Rana
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The finance function grips the keys to a treasure trove of ever-growing but underused financial data. It is time to take a new approach to your financial data. Know about
  • The importance of financial analytics
  • Types of Financial Analytics
  • A Modern Approach to Financial Analytics
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