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We're back again with another edition of our newsletter containing key insights, best reads of the month, fun infographic, and a pro-tip. In case you missed out on our last-month edition - We had major news! You can check out the complete details of the news (we revamped everything from our logo to website) here.
Key Highlights
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Understand how comparing metrics and measuring success provides key insights for GCCs to identify areas of strength and growth opportunity
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Global Capability Centers: Metrics that matter
Discover the crucial KPIs for evaluating the success of GCCs that help organizations improve continuously and align their strategies with organizational values...
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A dive into Guided Analytics
Understand what guided analytics is, the principles behind it, the key differences between self-service BI and guided analytics are, and more...
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Infographic of the month
FP&A Mind Map

Ebook of the month
Strategies for the office of CHRO: Alignment with the CEO Office
Discover the three pillars of effective connected planning:
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Talent strategy, and
  • Capacity optimization
Download the whitepaper if you want an agile and architecturally sound workforce plan.
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Protip: If you are looking to upscale your workforce analytics practice, we have just the right thing for you. Check out our virtual webinar with a live demo on Pulse 360o, our game changing workforce analytics solution.
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