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Presenting 'Wormhole': The Anaplan Integration Utility which streamlines integration with original data sources in Six Simple Steps and connects multiple sources with a bi-directional flow of data
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Spend analysis guide: best practices, KPIs, and challenges
If you are wondering about where to start your spend analysis journey or where to start analyzing KPIs - this is for you...
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How Generative AI is transforming businesses
Everyone is caught up with the "AI" trend. Have you? Learn how generative AI can transform your operations and improve business performance...
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Infographic of the month
Analytics KPI Cheatsheet

Ebook of the month
Driving sales excellence with Incentive Performance management
Rethink the administration of compensation plans, adjustments, quotas, and credits with our ebook. Get insights about:
  • Designing incentive structures
  • Connected planning between quota and compensation
  • Adding third party insights to sales compensation plans
Optimize your incentive planning
Protip: Has the abundance of data led to an overwhelming amount of reports for your procurement data? Then we can guide you to selecting the best 10 instead of 100 use cases. Know more about Procurement KPIs and analytics
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