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Analytics Solutions For CPG Industry

Analytics Solutions For CPG Industry

Understand and anticipate changing trends and consumer behaviours to meet expectations, deliver results, and improve brand equity.

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Get End-to-End Analytics Solutions for every stage of the CPG Value Chain

Rapid advances in analytics and forward-looking planning technologies are creating entirely new ways of value addition across industries. The CPG industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic, fast-paced industries, ahead of many others in technology adoption. It plays a significant role in amazing their customers which lead to achieving higher operational efficiencies across the supply chain, improving targeted marketing with increased personalization and providing a true 360° view of the business health. Our extensive CPG industry expertise, coupled with the deep domain knowledge, act as a one-stop shop for our consumer durables and perishable goods clientele for their technology and business consulting, implementation and support services requirements.

01 Product Development

Delve into the most granular product attributed to better optimize your products according to what consumers really want.

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Trends
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Target Market Potential Estimation
02 Product Procurement/Assessment

Identify new trends in consumer behavior before they’re even trends.

  • Materials Planning
  • Supplier Management
  • Price Optimization
  • Markdown Optimization
03 Manufacturing and Operations

Build networks that are flexible, responsive, innovative, and resilient.

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Demand & Sales Forecasting and Planning
  • Production Forecasting and Estimation
  • Fault Prediction and Reduction
04 Customer Experience

Deliver superior customer experiences with 360-degree insights right where you want them.

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Demand Monitoring
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Personalized Recommendations

Find Answers To Your Business Needs

Our team of industry analysts reinvigorates retailers with cutting-edge analytics insights and data-backed strategies to address their most pressing challenges.

Leading companies secure comprehensive data from retailers and third parties, including full-basket and shopper-panel data as well as loyalty-card and coupon-redemption data. To edge out your competitors, work with our CPG analytics solution that can help you sift through the copious amounts of data and quickly make sense of it

Our analytics solutions in the CPG industry are focused on facilitating better target marketing to specific customer segments and capturing sales and margin levers through data analytics. This includes customer engagement assessment, the share of wallet, and customer churn prediction.

Our data management solutions dismantle large volumes of data into actionable customer insights. This will help your business understand shifts in consumer behavior, make data-driven decisions, formulate conversion metrics, and strategize for retention and advocacy.

Our Services For The CPG Industry

Data Management
Data Management

The CPG industry today is struggling to cope with the immense growth in data volume, variety, and velocity and how to use it effectively. To stay competitive, CPG brands need to move quickly to master their data. We work alongside leading retailers to solve today's data management problems and define tomorrow's solutions - resulting in the best products in the market.

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Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Cloud as a platform should be managed as a product and built to deliver value, across all aspects of business: starting with better product development/R&D, smart manufacturing, digital supply chain, digital commerce, consumer data platforms, personalised promotions and digital marketing areas. Now organizations can unlock consumer growth, capture new routes to market, and drive connected operations with our cloud solutions for the CPG industry.

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Analytics Consulting
Analytics Consulting

Today,organizations need innovative solutions to harness the potential of data and use business insights to derive competitive advantage and enhance profits. Our Advanced analytics Solutions help you redefine the way your organization consumes data. With deep knowledge of the CPG industry, combined with expertise in technologies such as Big Data, mobile, and the cloud, we offer analytical services on the go.

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Business Planning
Business Planning

Your business intelligence and data visualization needs vary across your organization. Analytical insights enable decision making and strategy creation to address the complex market dynamics in today's business environment. With our customizable dashboards you will be well on your way in your self-service BI journey through Sales Analysis, Customer Analysis, Marketing Analysis, Category/Merchandise Management and much more.

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Client Success Stories

Reduced data
Consumer Goods Multinational Enabled Effectiveness In Reporting And Decision Making With Power BI

Our client is a multinational & world-renowned Consumer goods company. These large organisations inherit some highly complex processes and our client was no exception in this regard.

Case Study
Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

Our client is India’s Largest Airport Concessionaire. They strive to provide world-class infrastructure & facilities. To meet the customer’s requirements more effectively...

Case Study
Helping Infuse A Culture Of Data Democratization And Data-Driven Decision Making Through An Enterprise-Wide Analytics Platform

A wholly-owned subsidiary of a diversified Indian conglomerate, our customer is an established market leader in lifestyle electrical solutions and consumer durables.


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Saurabh Singh

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