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Formulate strategies to segment, identify and target your customers at the opportune time.

Hospitality as an industry has grown with leaps and bounds and has emerged as one of the most competitive ones in the present scenario. It has been a delight for customers who have several options at their disposal with a very little switching cost. However, it is a nightmare for vendors who have a lot to do just to make their voice heard.

With little to no differentiation on offer but an evergreen industry which is anticipated to grow consistently, competition is not going to normalize anytime soon. This transcends in this competitive landscape, these vendors need to formulate strategies to segment, identify and target their customers at the opportune time. At Polestar, we have worked with leading aggregators and individual vendors to completely transform the way they interact with the customer's information. We have delivered analytics solutions for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive insights hence, enabling decision-makers to better target, convert & retain customers.

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