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Polestar Diwali Night: Celebrations in Full Grandeur
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Polestar Diwali Night: Celebrations in Full Grandeur

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The global pandemic has imposed a new move on lives and livelihoods but Diwali is one of the most extravagant celebrations at Polestar. While the Polestarians worked from home and attended events virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions in the past year, the festival of lights called for a grand in-person celebration to commemorate the festive spirits.

Planning a festive celebration with COVID restrictions is challenging but to ring this festival of love & lights, Polestar organized a Diwali Bash to bring together the entire Polestar family and enjoy the party filled with reverie and recognition. This year’s Diwali Bash ensued a night full of awards, dance, drinks, and food. The massive dance floor, the extensive range of drinks, mouth-watering food, and hip music, all collectively amped up the entire Diwali party night.

The Polestar Diwali Bash Was Reverberating With The Cheers Of Exhilarated Polestarians, Flaunting Their Moves On The Music Played By The Club DJ Out There.

What’s More Interesting To See Is The Way All Polestarians Decked Up In Shiny, Glittery Attires And Showed Love For Traditional Ensembles.

The Party Venue Was Decked Up With Strands Of Twinkling Lights To Add To The Festive Mood.

The Swanky Party Night Boasts A Buzzing Aura With Polestarins In Full Gaiety & Excitement.

Awards & Recognitions

Diwali can well claim to be the festival of happiness and lights – the dazzle, the brilliance, the happiness, the hope of new and fortuitous.

A Happy Diwali made happier with Awards & Recognitions

Presenting the awardees of the night….

Wrapping Up

Congratulations to all the awardees who bring their A+ game to work and push the boundaries with their exemplary work performance.

Wrapping up, Polestarians create lasting memories from a spectacular Diwali Night!

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