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Analytics Solutions For Retail Industry

Analytics Solutions
For Retail Industry

From entry to exit, gather real time store level
consumer insights and create meaningful
experiences to enhance customer journeys in
today’s dynamic environment

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Get End-to-End Analytics Solutions at each stage of the Retail Value Chain

Retail is undergoing significant disruption as the balance of power shifts to the consumer. The retail industry is one of the forerunners in adopting analytics and digital transformation initiatives. It deals with a lot of data from multiple sources and formats. Moreover, given the dynamism of the industry, retailers and businesses are bound to make quick decisions in real-time. Such informed and opportune choices let them stay ahead of the competition and build delightful customer experiences.

At Polestar, our innovative Retail solutions exceed industry standards and ensure customer attraction, acquisition and retention. Our analytics and custom applications deliver a streamlined and rich omnichannel experience.

01 Merchandising & Assortment Planning
  • Market clustering/localization
  • Assortment planning & Optimization
  • Aggregate merchandize buying decision
  • Customer – Product affinity scoring
02 Pricing and Promotions
  • Optimize trade spends across categories in the portfolio
  • Identify key brands whose promotions are helping in category growth
  • Define pricing strategies for own / store brand
03 Customer Analytics
  • Identify new and profitable customers
  • Expand customer base with improved targeting and reduced CAC
  • Map customer journeys for better retention and CLTV
  • Deliver bottom line impact with better cross-sell and upsell opportunities
04 Inventory & Supply chain
  • Demand/sales forecasting
  • Inventory optimization
  • Store-level Out-of-stock vs service level analysis
  • Route and shipment scheduling / optimization
  • Replenishment planning analytics

Leverage our services to get answers to your questions

Evaluating the effect of operational efforts and marketing on in-store sales is complex. Not only has consumer behavior altered, but the retail setting has also speedily advanced. So, by implementing analytics solutions, retailers can answer key questions, such as

With our analytics consulting services you can get an overview of how many people visit your store, your busiest periods, and other pertinent information about your visitors.

Our analytics services can help you to discover what products and categories are resonating buyers, so you can target your marketing and maximize margins.

With our retail data analytics solution you can identify highest value clients, top performing salespeople and most popular and profitable product categories.

Our Services For The CPG Industry

Business Intelligence And Visualization
Business Intelligence And Visualization

Business Intelligence and Visualization solutions help you measure and track your business goals, KPIs and quantifiable metrics. With our customizable dashboards you will be well on your way in your self-service BI journey through Sales Analysis, Customer Analysis, Operational Analysis, Marketing Analysis, and Marketing ROI, Category/Merchandise Management and much more.

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Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics

Our range of advanced analytics services for E-Commerce and Retail players include: Customer Analytics, whereby Customer Journeys are quantified; Cohort and RFM Analysis, to quantify customer equity; Traffic Analysis, to measure marketing and advertising strategies against acquisition channels, developing recommendation engines, inventory analysis, merchandising, procurement analysis and vendor effectiveness

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Client Success Stories

Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView
Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

The RAM optimization had reduced the reload time to 36 minutes (from 9.5 hours) and per click time to 4 seconds (from 3-4 minutes)

HCL Infosystem Revolutionizes The Decision Making Process With Qlik Sense
HCL Infosystem Revolutionizes The Decision Making Process With Qlik Sense

80% of the HCL staff accessed the operational systems on their Mobile devices, hence embedding Qlik sense in mobile applications significantly enhanced usability.

 A Fast Growing Brand Streamlines Sales Data And Reporting System With MSBI And Power BI
A Fast Growing Brand Streamlines Sales Data And Reporting System With MSBI And Power BI

With the new solution in place, the company can now process sales reports faster, reducing turnaround time, reports that used to take 3-4 hours, get delivered in just 10-20 minutes.


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Varun Garg
Varun Garg

Senior Vice President & Head
Retail Solutions

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